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General Healthy Living Guidelines


Your body is where you live; look after it.



Diet and Eating


What you choose to eat will make a huge difference to your well-being, the length, and the quality of your life. There is plenty of advice about good eating habits: find it and use it.



Exercise and Breathing


Moderate physical exercise is good for you: it helps you avoid high blood pressure, helps with weight control, helps with sleep, helps keep your mind active, helps you feel good about yourself, helps with positive thinking, and helps alleviate stress.




Sleep is vital to overall well-being: physically, mentally, and emotionally.



Meditation, Relaxation Techniques, and Body Posture

Be calm, be calm, be calm. And don’t slouch.



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Reminder on taking tests: It’s not about trying to prove you already know it, it’s about learning.


Question 1

Which of the following are largely true:
a. Your health is dictated by your genes and diet and exercise plays very little part in your overall health and life expectancy.
b. Your health is dictated by a mix of genes and life style.
c. Your health is determined by your life style.


Question 2

Which of the following is closest to being True?
a. Exercise is good for you. The more you do the better off you will be.
b. Beyond normal living exercise is of little value to you.
c. You should look to get some exercise but be mindful of your individual circumstances and the state your body is in.


Question 3

You want to go out drinking with friends who drink a lot, but you want to significantly limit the amount of alcohol you take. List out some of the things you can do?


Question 4

List some tactics you can readily adopt for successful long term weight loss and control.


Question 5

As you grow older, what sort of exercise can you get which is within your abilities and doesn’t risk injuries?


Question 6

If you find you are not sleeping particularly well, list out some tactics or ways you can help improve your likelihood of a good night’s sleep?


Question 7

List some tips for developing and maintaining a good body posture.


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