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General Observations about Creativity

Creativity is not something some people have and others don’t. We all have the ability to be creative. Just get on and do the things you feel passionate about. Don’t judge that it has to be ‘good’. Creativity comes out of just letting yourself go.


Sources of Creative Ideas

Many, possibly most, new ideas come from taking an idea or entity that applies in one domain or context and then applying it in another, possibly with some adaption. Thus underpinning many of the sources of creative ideas is exposure to ideas in many different domains.


How to Boost your Creativity

Learn to quieten your mind. If your mind is constantly filled with worries and regrets and thoughts about everyday life you will not get, or at least not hear, any creative thoughts that come to you.


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Reminder on taking tests: It’s not about trying to prove you already know it, it’s about learning.


Question 1

Which of the following are true statements:
a. Creativity is something you are born with or you’re not.
b. Creativity is something you can learn.
c. Creativity is simply about being different.


Question 2

Which of the following are false statements:
a. Good ideas will sell themselves.
b. To be successful a good idea needs a lot of hard work and dedication.
c. If your good idea is not readily accepted then it’s not as good as you think it is, and best to move on to something else.


Question 3

Which of the following are potential sources of good ideas:
a. Constant experimentation.
b. Engaging in some new activity or learning about something you’ve not had an interest in before.
c. Engaging with people who have different beliefs or views than you have.
d. Taking entities or ideas from one domain and applying them in another.
e. Something that annoys you.


Question 4

Write down potential sources of creativity. Including those from the previous question, but add a few more.


Question 5

List ways to boost your day to day creativity.


Question 6

What does the mnemonic SCAMPER as a way to bring to mind new ideas when looking vary the attributes of some thing or some things you already have in mind:


Question 7

List some inhibitors to creativity or to follow through on a great ideas:


Question 8

List some types of responses which are likely to kill or discourage a new ideas, or demotivate someone coming up with a new idea:


Question 9

List some types of responses which are likely to help encourage new ideas or motivate someone to continue to develop an idea:


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