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You might read the guidelines relating to biases, or probabilities, or motivation, and agree with them, but they won’t stick just because you read through them once. To make them stick, to make them instinctive, you need to regularly review them, you need to use them in real life, and you need to regular do quizzes and tests.

Regularly reviewing them means just dipping into this website from time to time, or browsing through The Bumper Book of Common Sense.

With regards trying out the guidance in real life, note that:

  • Outcomes from real world circumstances are often ambiguous, with many factors, and it is often not clear which if any might have been decisive.
  • Outcomes are often dependent upon random factors or factors outside of our control. We may well have done the right thing but the outcome was not as desired, and thus we might not be sure we did the right thing.
  • Sometimes we only get one chance in some particular circumstance. We don’t get the chance to learn since the one chance will have been and gone.

Doing these quizzes and tests will help embed some of the key Common Sense guidelines into your brain in a way that makes them more readily available or even instinctive when the opportunity comes to apply them in real life.

The following are some notes with regards doing the quizzes and tests provided here at About Common Sense:

  • If you are not so arrogant as to believe you are a perfect thinker, you will almost certainly benefit from doing these quizzes and exercises.
  • These quizzes and tests are not an ego trip. Don’t take them simply to prove to yourself you don’t need to take them because you know it all already. Some of it you may well. Some of it you won’t. It is not about how good you are. It’s about your willingness to be open to improvement and learning and improving your instincts for ‘doing the right thing’.
  • The quizzes and tests appear at the end of the page that covers the given subject matter and you can peruse these whilst doing the quizzes and tests. Unlike other quizzes and tests this is not a bad thing.
  • You should regularly repeat the tests, even if you know the answers. It helps embed them more firmly in your brain and helps make the advice more instinctive.
  • Note that sometimes the answer might not be absolutely clear, and we have a few of these. This might be frustrating for some people, but it is a fact of life that sometimes things are not as clear as we would like them to be.

The list of quizzes and tests available here at About Common Sense are as listed and shortcutted below.



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