About Common Sense

“Common Sense is seeing things as they are, and doing things as they should be done.”

This site is about Common Sense, and looking to help improve the quality of your thinking.


By thinking a little bit differently and by better applying good thinking guidelines you can dramatically improve your life for the better and help the world move towards becoming a better place.


You access the material on this site through the menu options above, and links on the pages accessed. Most of the current subject matter of this site is general guidelines or information relating to particular topics, and also in many cases including a Quiz/Tests section which will help make some of the guidance or information more instinctive. We will be regularly adding more material and updating some of the existing material to make it easier to read or to give it more impact.

We would welcome comment or additional material. If you provide additional material which we make use of we will include your name should you wish us to do so, and any links you would like us to include so long as they are not offensive or otherwise inappropriate.