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“Just one piece of Common Sense used when otherwise you wouldn’t have done can change your life.”


Common Sense is a collection of general guidelines and principles that relate to how we should live in the world, and that help us best meet the challenges opportunities that are all around us. Common Sense offers no guarantees, but it significantly increases the odds of us being able to lead a fulfilling and satisfying life. It helps prevent us making poor decisions and making avoidable mistakes.

The world is a complex and often confusing place, and the proper application of Common Sense enables us to interact far more effectively with the world than we would otherwise do.

This site complements The Bumper Book of Common Sense and also provides quizzes which help you think more actively about some of the topics and thus helps to embed the ideas more firmly in your brain.

You can significantly improve your life through improving your Common Sense. And you can significantly improve your Common Sense by regularly reviewing the material on this site, thinking about it, doing and redoing the quizzes, following the links to other sites. and buying a copy of The Bumper Book of Common Sense which you can dip into from time to time.

This site will be under continuing development. We will be looking to improve how we get across the guidance we already have. We will be adding other topics. We will be continuing to develop the Quizzes. We will be adding new links. If you have suggestions for improving what we already have, please let us know. If you have any additional material you believe fits in with what we are trying to achieve, please let us know. If you believe there is good material on other sites, to which we can provide a link, please let us know.

As sub-topics under this topic level “About” menu item we have:

Common Sense Quotes and Sayings: some of the things others have said relating to common sense.

THE BUMPER BOOK OF COMMON SENSE: Reference to and the contents list for a listing over 3,000 statements of common sense.

Summary Guidelines: some statements of Common Sense, both widely applicable and under certain topic headings.

See also the list of topics under Contents, and Quizzes and Tests.

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