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Common Misconceptions



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Question 1

Approximately how old are the oldest trees?
a. 350 yrs old
b. 1000 yrs old
c. 5000 yrs old
d. 8000 yrs old
e. 12000 yrs old


Question 2

On what continent is the driest place on the earth?


Question 3

What type of thing is the world’s largest living thing?


Question 4

Which of the following were events included in the 1900 Paris Olympic Games:

• Camel Racing
• Live Pigeon Shooting
• Arm Wrestling
• Long Jump for Horses
• High Jump for Horses


Question 5

Does smoking increase or decrease global pollution?


Question 6

True or False? Modern humans have as many hairs per square centimetre as chimpanzees.


Question 7

What is the world’s tallest mountain?


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