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Principles of Clear Thinking


Cause and Effect


Barriers to Clear Thinking


Inappropriate Ways of Thinking


Improving Your Clear Thinking Skills


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Reminder on taking tests: It’s not about trying to prove you already know it, it’s about learning.

Question 1

List as many of the guidelines for clear thinking as you can.


Question 2

List out as many of the common clear thinking errors as you are able.


Question 3

You find yourself disagreeing with someone about something factual and something you are certain about. List out some possible root causes of the disagreement.


Question 4

Is it possible, using fair statistical testing, to prove with a high level of statistical confidence that something is correlated even though it is not?

Yes or No.


Question 5

What possible explanations can you think of for why people will continue to believe in certain causal relationships even though there is no evidence to support them?


Question 6

List some ways you can improve your clear thinking skills.


Question 7

List some of the characteristics of arguments where there is a lack of application of clear thinking principles.


Question 8

You have a very strong gut reaction relating to a decision you need to make. Should you go with it:

a. Yes.
b. No, ignore it, and make the decision in a structured manner.
c. It depends. Is so, on what?



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