Thinking In The Real World (The Short Version)

Look up Thinking in the Real World (The Short Version) by David G Croucher: available as paperback [UK Link] [US Link] or a Kindle Book (including Free on Kindle Unlimited) [UK Link] [US Link].

This book is a shortened version of the book Thinking in the Real World (The Long Version) which is only available as a paperback in the unusual format of 8.5” by 8.5”. More information on this Long Version given here.

The following is the Contents list for the Short Version:


Biases, Fallacies, Probabilities, Influences, and a bit about the nature of the world

Recognize cognitive biases

Countering our cognitive biases

Poor thinking and fallacies

Example fallacies

Grasp Basic Probabilities

Common areas of misunderstandings regarding probabilities and statistics

The misuse and abuse of statistics

Further observations on probabilities and statistics


Common influencing techniques


Some observations about the world we live in

The nature of scientific understanding and advancement

The Nature of Us

The impact of our genes and our environment and our room for manoeuvre

The Human Brain

Emotions and the interplay between brain and body

The use of concepts and mental models

We have different personalities and characters

We have different perspectives and motivations

We see the world in a distorted way

Common shortfalls in our thinking

The Nature of Free Will

In the end, we die

Attitude of Mind

Accept that your beliefs and loyalties are choices that you can change, not absolutes

Adopt a growth rather than a fixed mindset

Accept that life is complex and uncertain and ever changing

Life isn’t fair, but so what?

Think positively, up to a point

Life is what you make of it

Responding to Mistakes and Failure

Mindsets and habits of thought

Worrying and dwelling

Shifting your mood

Character strengths to work on

Managing Our Lives

Look for meaning and purpose in your life

Engage with Life

Increasing your Energy Levels

Make an effort: accept that life is difficult and work hard

Seek to better manage your emotions

Seek to better manage negative feelings

Don’t deny your instincts and intuitions: learn when to trust and when to question

Managing your time and personal planning

Look after your health and well-being

Look after your brain health and life-long learning

Look after your finances as best you can

Try to find a balance in your life

Manage your personal risks

Recognize and manage your stress

Some tips regarding the hassles of daily living

Learn to manage your habits

Learn to better do the right thing right now

Focus and learn to better focus

Continually adapt and improve and prepare

Think about and be structured about your decision making when it matters

Being more effective in your problem solving

Thinking things through

Be more effective in your communicating


Relating to bringing up children

Getting Old

Keep a Diary/Journal

Rational Thinking

A rational approach to assessing beliefs

Engaging in arguments

Put into perspective and focus on the why

Correlation does not imply causation

Retain some flexibility when you can

Interacting with Others

Understanding other people

Hold back from being too ready to judge or to take offense

Think positively about others and be generous, up to a point

Getting on with other people

Developing and maintaining close relationships

Seeking and giving help and advice

Working with other people

When you disagree with someone

Responding to someone in a heightened emotional state

Handling day-to-day conflicts

Negotiating and seeking compromise

When in competition

Interacting with Humanity

The very real dangers the world faces

The dangers of believing in simple solutions to complex problems

The importance of supporting democracy and pluralism

There is such a thing as truth, and it matters

Accept politics, reject the abuse of politics

Moving towards better societies and a better world

Do the right things whenever you can

‘Thinking in the Real World:  The Long Version’ Contents List