Tall Tales (Just Imagine)

Look it up at Amazon: Tall Tales (Just Imagine) by David G Croucher: available as paperback [UK Link] [US Link] or as Kindle Book (including Free on Kindle Unlimited) [UK Link] [US Link].

The Tall Tales (Just Imagine) book contains many interesting facts. We share about 50% of our DNA with a banana. In 1377 35% of men in the UK were called John, and over half the men were called either John or William. Isaac Newton invented the cat flap. The 1900 Olympics included live pigeon shooting and long jump for horses. The tin opener was not invented until about 40 years after the tin can. The Chinese had bookshops in every city over a thousand years ago.

Facts however can help inspire our imagination.


Having read Tall Tales (Just Imagine) it is unlikely you will ever be quite the same again. You will no longer take things for granted in quite the way you did before. Not only will the topics covered in this book come to mind in certain everyday situations, but you will find yourself occasionally triggered into making up your own Tall Tales. In so doing you will become a little less gullible to the many very strange ideas that so many people seem to hold to be true. But hopefully you will also be a little more open to ideas that don’t quite fit in.

The following is a contents list for Tall Tales (Just Imagine)


100 Tales

  1. The Siberian Ice-Duck
  2. Dinosaur Moles
  3. The Dodo at the Bottom of the Garden
  4. The Genius Tortoise
  5. Not so Black and White
  6. The Umbrella Monkey
  7. Slothful Migrations
  8. Stonehenge Soup
  9. Not such a Natural Endeavour
  10. Noah’s Coracle
  11. A Catastrophic Swallow
  12. Stairway to Heaven
  13. Cloud Play
  14. Stoned Dinosaurs
  15. T-Robin
  16. Humankind, a chance evolving
  17. Shared DNA
  18. The Age of the Guinea Pig
  19. Cavia Sapiens
  20. A Mammoth Best Friend
  21. Sheep with big teeth
  22. Partying Neanderthals
  23. It’s All in the Name
  24. Universal Jewelry
  25. Time Speeding Up
  26. E = approximately mc2
  27. Two Nibbles make a Byte
  28. It’s all Greek
  29. Achilles Bum
  30. In the Myths of Time
  31. Practicing Civilization
  32. The Great Balloon Migrations
  33. Buddha that!
  34. String Communications
  35. Bloody Vandals!
  36. Aethelred was Ready
  37. Home Sick Vikings
  38. The Dark Ages
  39. Anglo-Saxon French
  40. The Toll Puddle Martyrs
  41. The Pilgrimage Exchange Rate
  42. John, John, and John
  43. Leonardo de Vinci’s Nuclear Reactor
  44. The Final Snack
  45. Nostradamus predicted the Wigan FA Cup Win
  46. Oh, Shit!
  47. Newton’s Mint
  48. The Motivation behind the invention of the Telescope
  49. Standing on the Shoulders of Giants
  50. Henry VIII and his 24 wives
  51. Period Wars
  52. Discriminaming in the modern world
  53. Book Titles, which were often initially much longer than they later became
  54. Trimmed Paintings
  55. Owning France
  56. A Hip Relay and Eeling the Seine
  57. It started as a Joke …
  58. A Pitcher paints a thousand words
  59. The Road to Nowhere
  60. Some Common Fallacies
  61. Why Buses Come in Threes
  62. Swiss Army Fork
  63. Single White Old Ladies (SWOLs)
  64. The Thinker and Other Thoughts
  65. Living Forever
  66. Nurture vs. Nature: sorted.
  67. Musical Babies
  68. Accidental Inventions
  69. Matched Pairs
  70. A Flagging Union
  71. Use it Again Sam
  72. Dowsing for Thoughts
  73. The Fickle Finger of Chance
  74. Eternal Road Works
  75. Around the World in …
  76. Not smel’tin’ here no more
  77. It wasn’t me!
  78. Is she singing yet?
  79. Very, Very, Very Big Telescopes
  80. Common Ground Tennis
  81. The 13th sign of the Zodiac
  82. The End of Science
  83. Less than Artificial Intelligence
  84. A Camel and the Eye of a Needle
  85. Elitist Sport
  86. Animal Spies
  87. Strawberry Fields turn out not to be Forever
  88. Why our weight keeps going up and down
  89. The First Written Word – Rhubarb
  90. Maybe not so noble
  91. Mix-Up of Biblical Proportions
  92. The Name of God
  93. Johnny Chocko
  94. The Big D Dog
  95. Striking off Saint George
  96. Cheesy Tales
  97. In order To Save the Mocking Bird
  98. You Have to be Jesting!
  99. Still Joking!
  100. Not to be sniffed at!

Short Tales