The Diet and Exercising Habits App

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A website in the form of an App suitable for use on mobile devices. Other Apps include the [Common Sense Way App], and the [Learning By Heart App].

This free App is an aid to long term dieting and exercise success. The underlying concept is that in the long term, improved dieting and exercising habits come about through changing certain habits and mindsets, which itself comes about through influencing and modifying your subconscious. One of the key ways you can modify your subconscious is simply through repetitively reminding yourself of what the right things to be doing and thinking are. Even when you ‘already know it’, you need to regularly remind yourself for it to become firmly embedded in your subconscious, and as a result become an instinctive basis for your thinking and behaviours.

By spending about 5 minutes a day running through some of the sub-topics within this App, by reminding yourself of the motivations and guidance, by learning by heart certain sayings and mantras, by regularly doing the quizzes, then you will change your subconscious and find that you start doing the right things more often.




Useful Guidance and Information

  • A diet and healthy living mindset
  • General diet and health tips and guidance
  • Eating on a Restricted Budget
  • Exercising
  • Meal Plans
  • What to Eat and Drink

Changing Habits

The Feedback Diary


Effective Use of the Existing Diet and Exercising Industry


The Quizzes

  • General Health
  • Countering bad eating habits
  • Persistence

By Heart

Quick Links

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