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History 2 Quiz

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Question 1

Put the following Chinese dynasties in chronological order:

Tang, Manchu, Qin, Ming, Han, Shang

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Question 2

Who was crowned Holy Roman Emperor by Pope Leo III on Christmas Day 800 AD?

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Question 3

Which of the following is the odd one out?

Constantinople, Istanbul, Byzantium, Ankara

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Question 4

Who was the grandson of Genghis Khan who became emperor of China and the founder of the Yuan dynasty, and who Marco Polo is reputed to have met?

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Question 5

In the 13th century the Mongols under Kublai Khan attempted an invasion of Japan. The Japanese were saved in part by the Samurai, and in part by a Kamikaze. What was the Kamikaze?

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Question 6

The following terms are related to two of the high points of Indian culture. Group the terms according to one or other of these periods:

Taj Mahal; Hindu; Muslim; Gupta Empire; Mughals; Akbar; Kama Sutra; 5th century; 16th century

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Question 7

Which European country was the first to establish trading posts on the coast of India following the rounding of The Cape of Good Hope?

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Question 8

Which empire is the following a description of:

• The largest pre-industrial society in the world;
• Extensive network of roads and rest houses connecting every town in the empire.
• Built the temple complex of Angkor Wat;

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Question 9

Who were the principal protagonists in each the following wars:

a. The Peloponnesian War
b. The Punic Wars
c. The Hundred Years War
d. The Thirty Years War

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Question 10

Associate the following dates with their respective events:

1453; 1099; 1565; 1492.

The taking of Jerusalem by the Crusaders;
Completion of the Christian reconquest of the Iberian Peninsular;
Fall of Constantinople to the Ottomans;
Ottoman siege of Malta.

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Question 11

Shortly after the coming of the Europeans to America, two major American civilisations fell, one to Cortes, and one to Pissaro. What were they?

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