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History 1 Quiz

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Question 1

Which millennium are the following years in?

a. The year 1,231 BC
b. The year 992 AD
c. The year 2000 BC
c. The year 2000 AD
e. The year 0

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Question 2

Which century are the following years in?

a. The year 231 AD
b. The year 231 BC
c. The year 1801 AD
d. The year 1800 AD
e. The year 2000 AD

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Question 3

Until approximately when were there still our ‘cousin’ species the Neanderthals?:

a. 1 million years ago,
b. 300,000 years ago,
c. 30,000 years ago,
d. 10,000 years ago.

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Question 4

The origins of settled human civilisations was in the region known as Mesopotamia, around 10,000 years ago. There are two rivers running through this area along which the first civilisations emerged. Which of the following were (and still are) these two rivers:

Volga, Euphrates, Nile, Mekong, Tigris, Danube, Yellow River, Indus

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Question 5

Other than in Mesopotamia, what were the three other regions of the world that advanced cultures are believed to have first developed? Name, if you can, both the River area and the modern day country.

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Question 6

Many cities along the middle and Western Mediterranean were founded by the Phoenicians and the Greeks from the Eastern Mediterranean. Align the following cities with the people’s that founded them:

Cities: Carthage, Syracuse, Marseille, Cadiz

Founders: Phoenicians or Greeks

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Question 7

Which 4 philosophers were near contemporaries in the 6th Century BC?

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Question 8

Alexander the Great, the Mecedonian, created a brief Empire which stretched from Greece and Egypt to India. How old was he when he died?

a. 23
b. 33
c. 43
d. 53

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Question 9

Which Roman Emperor was ruling at the time of the birth of Jesus Christ?

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Question 10

Which Roman Emperor, in the 3rd century AD, divided the Empire into two, which major city was named after him, and what was the name of the Empire which resulted from the split and lasted through until the 15th century AD.

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Question 11

Order the following chronologically from earliest to most recent in terms of what is recognised as their heydays.

Roman Empire, Greek City States, Vikings, The Shang Dynasty, Carolingian Empire

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