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Focus and Concentration Quiz

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Question 1

Consider the statement: ‘Multitasking enables us to get much more done.’ Which one or more of the following is/are closest to be being true.

a. Yes, we can progress a number of activities at the same time much quicker than if we tackled them just one at a time.
b. Yes, but only if you are young. As you get older your ability to multitask deteriorates, but the young are able to switch much quicker between tasks and are thus able to get much more done through multitasking.
c. Yes, but if varies from person to person.
d. Yes, but you need to practice. The more you practice the better you will get at it.
e. Yes, but it depends upon the type of task. If you have two difficult complex tasks to be done then multitasking between them is not effective. However if you have a difficult complex task, you can multitask with much simpler tasks.
f. Only in a very limited manner. By multitasking between relatively simple tasks you can keep your interest up longer than you would if you tried to do them one at a time.
g. Not under any circumstances. Our brains simply don’t multitask and anyone who thinks they are more effective when multitasking are simply kidding themselves.

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Question 2

List out some of things you can do to your environment to make it more conducive to being able to focus and concentrate.

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Question 3

You are about to settle down to some intellectual activity. What can you do to increase your likelihood of staying focussed?

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Question 4

Which of the following are generally good for improving your focus and concentration:

• Ensuring you have a big meal at lunch time
• Regular physical exercise
• Memory improving exercises
• Learning to multitask
• Meditation

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Question 5

List down 5 very specific exercises you can undertake which would help with a general improvement of focussing and concentration skills.

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Question 6

You’ve been focussing on a task for about 20 minutes and your mind is starting to wander. List some suggestions about what to do about it.

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