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Self-Motivation / Willpower Quiz

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Question 1

Which of the following are true statements about self-motivation:

a. Self-motivation is something you are either born with or you’re not.
b. Self-motivation is like a muscle which gets tired but which you can strengthen through exercise.
c. Self-motivation is not difficult. You just need to make up your mind to be self-motivated and you will be. Those who struggle with this are simply weak minded.

Self Assessment:

Question 2

List some easy day to day exercises you can readily undertake to help exercise your willpower:

Self Assessment:

Question 3

It’s late in the evening. And the person you are with is a bit short with you. Which of the following are possible explanations for this:

a. They are just being thoughtless.
b. It’s the sort of person they are.
c. There’s probably something I said or did which has upset them.
d. They’ve probably had a long hard day, and it’s only natural they should be a bit less self-controlled late on in the day.
e. They are not really being short, it is me being over sensitive.

Self Assessment:

Question 4

Your self-motivation, your willpower, will weaken during the day. Which of the following are tactics to help you pace yourself and be able to still apply a reasonable modicum of willpower later in the day.

a. Keep a range of high sugar sweets to hand to top up your brain glucose when you start to flag.
b. Avoid doing any stressful or brain draining activities during the day so you keep up your brain energies for later in the day.
c. Do lots of small willpower exercises during the day to increase you overall willpower.
d. Avoid having a big meal during the day or in the evening, and adopt a balanced diet during the day.
e. Keep yourself hydrated during the day, largely with water.
f. Have a nap in the early evening.
g. Arrange your environment such that you are not faced with temptations or distractions in the evening, and have a clear plan for what you want to do.

Self Assessment:

Question 5

If you are continually struggling to increase your will-power, and unable to even get started on doing regular self-motivation exercises, whose fault is it:

a. It’s your own fault.
b. It’s your parents fault.
c. It’s the fault of the people around you who are not adequately encouraging or helping you.

Self Assessment:

Question 6

Complete the following phrases:

‘You can do anything, but … .’
‘The will to win is not as important as … .’
‘It is not talent that will get you to where you want to be, it is … .’

Self Assessment:

Question 7

If you can’t resist buying cakes or sweets when you go out for your weekly or other general food shopping, what tactics might you try to stop doing so:

Self Assessment:

Question 8

What is meant by moral licencing?

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