The Common Sense Way App

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A website in the form of an App suitable for use on mobile devices. This free App is about the application of Common Sense thinking to our daily lives. Other Apps include the [Diet and Exercising App], and the [Learning By Heart App].

The concept of the App is about nudging your behavioural and thinking habits in a direction that will be more beneficial to you and to the people around you. By regularly reminding yourself of basic truths about the way the world is, of various good thinking habits, and of the biases and pitfalls that trip us up when we are not paying attention, then we significantly increase the likelihood of our doing things which are more positive and productive, and avoiding doing the things which are doing us long term harm.

This App provides you with such reminders in a format that makes it very easy to dip into on a regular basis.




Useful Guidance and Information

  • The Way Things Are
  • Right Attitude
  • Self Management and Development
  • Good Thinking Habits
  • Cognitive Biases
  • Fallacies
  • Probabilities and Uncertainties
  • Influencing Techniques
  • Problem Solving and Decision Making
  • The Lessons of History

Changing Habits

The Feedback Diary

Self Reminders

Effective Use of the Existing Clear-Thinking Industry


The Quizzes

  • Cognitive Biases – Name that Bias
  • Cognitive Biases – Choose a Definition
  • Cognitive Biases – The Clue is in the Name
  • Name that Fallacy
  • Deciding What to Believe
  • Appreciate Being Alive
  • How People Think
  • Common Sense Quotes and Sayings

By Heart (Beliefs to Live By)

[Link to Common Sense Way App]