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Common Sense is a collection of general guidelines and principles that relate to how we should live in the world. To help us best meet the challenges we face and exploit opportunities that are all around us. Common Sense offers no guarantees, but it significantly increases the odds of us being able to lead a fulfilling and satisfying life. It helps prevent us making poor decisions and making avoidable mistakes.

Some people believe you’ve either got common sense or you haven’t, and of course they believe they have it and you don’t. But they are wrong. We can all do something, do a lot, about improving the application of Common Sense to our daily lives. Just being aware of, or being able to readily look up, Common Sense guidelines can be of great help. The wisdom of thousands of years of experiences and thoughts are readily available, albeit scattered. Much of it has been brought together in: “The Bumper Book of Common Sense”.

Of course, reading guidelines in a book will rarely instill an instinct for Common Sense. You might read the guidelines relating to biases, or probabilities, or motivation, and agree with them, but without practice or training they will not become instinctive. As with physical health if you don’t actually go out and exercise you will make little progress. To this end About Common Sense will be developed into a comprehensive brain exercise website which will enable everyone to get a bit of exercise and improve their application and instinct for Common Sense. If you are not so arrogant as to believe you are a perfect thinker, you will almost certainly benefit from doing these quizzes and exercises.

You will find here at About Common Sense a lot of the basic subject matter of Common Sense. Some of it is about the world around us, and how the world is irrespective of how we would like it to be. Some of it is about our interactions with the people around us. And some of it is about us and about how we are and about how our brains work. Underpinning how we, how you, see the world, others, and yourself are various biases, which you need to recognize if you are to have a more realistic and useful view of the world, others, and yourself. Once you understand some of this subject matter and related biases it will become apparent that you can significantly improve your life skills and in doing so significantly improve your ability to behave in a common sense manner. And finally a reminder that common sense is largely an attitude of mind.

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